Vintage Styling for the Groom

Vintage Styling for the Groom

Deciding on a vintage theme for your wedding can require some extra planning to get it perfect, but the results can be beautiful. Hopefully, your guests will arrive in vintage wear as well, but make sure that your groom and his groomsmen set the standard. When deciding on what the men of the wedding shall wear, here are a few tips to keep the theme intact.

Research the Era

Thoroughly look into the era you want to express at your wedding. This will give you an idea of what grooms, or even high class men, wore to special occasions during this time. Simply deciding on having a vintage wedding isn’t usually enough, as the term can cover a large spectrum of time with plenty of styles to choose from. Films depicting this era or photographs of weddings from that time will give you inspiration.


Although suit design for grooms has not changed as drastically as bride’s dresses, the style of hat has changed often. Which style you go for depends on what kind of vintage look you want.

Top hats are the standard for vintage weddings. They are suited to more urban settings, but this doesn’t limit them. Depending on the colour, height, and decoration, they can add an air of formality over your wedding or keep it casual. Country weddings can be made vintage by adding a trilby, trimmed with the same material as the vest. Don’t let your groom just throw on a fedora – choosing the hat design is just as important as choosing the veil.

Jacket and Waistcoat

The idea of wearing anything less than a 3 piece suit including a waistcoat was preposterous before the 1950’s, so this should be adhered to. When wearing a waistcoat, don’t wear a belt. Braces were the preferred choice of trouser security, as a belt and waistcoat combination makes the front view of the groom look too fussy.

A jacket with tails, accompanying a top hat, is the essential choice for those who want a vintage wedding with class. As formal as it sounds, it can suit most vintage style weddings, as the black tie ensemble is the authentic choice of past decades.

Tweed jackets or waistcoats are great for outdoor weddings. Although it has been questionably stylish in the past, it is associated with the Edwardian era. It makes guests feel like they’re in an episode of Downton Abbey. With a crisp white shirt, the groom will still look the part standing next to the bride.


The acceptability and shape of facial hair, as well as the standard style of head hair, has changed over the years. This is one of the finer points of the groom’s style and can really finish off the vintage look. If the preferred hairstyle is slicked back, then the beard must follow suit. This means the beard needs to be well groomed and styled or clean shaven.

Hairstyles are usually either slicked back, or styled but messy. Messier styles can handle stubble, especially if the groom has a strong jawline. Longer hair could be styled with curls, if they naturally fall like this, with a small application of wax to stop them from becoming frizzy. If the groom looks better with straight hair, keep it straightened, but swept away from the face with a side fringe.


Adding accessories can make the groom’s look much original. Personalised items, such as a pocket watch or handmade shoes, will also give you something other than photographs to remember your wedding by. A range of watches, including some vintage, is available at, which you can even get personalised as a gift to the groomsmen or groom.

The choice of neckwear can be vast for grooms, even more with a vintage theme. The decision between a tie, bow-tie, or ascot should be made in consideration with the suit design. If a high cut waistcoat is worn, an ascot looks best. Black bow-ties fit in well with the top hat and tails ensemble, keeping it classy vintage. Tweed or coloured bow-ties are less formal, more suited to casual weddings. Ties look less vintage than ascots or bow-ties, especially coloured thin ones. If you must have a tie, keep it black and simple.

Create your own vintage style by mixing and matching eras to create something unique. Because vintage is so broad, there are so many styles to choose from. Perhaps style your wedding on your favourite period film or drama. Either way, your wedding should be exactly what you want, so go wild and pick out your favourite vintage outfit for the groom.

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