Sunflower Power and Fields of Joy

Sunflower Power and Fields of Joy

Congratulations to Andy and Sarah!

What a wonderful wedding! On Saturday we headed off to a field on a farm in Kingswood, near Kington for the wedding of Sarah (who looked fantastic) and Andy (who rocked – literally, laterally and ultimately – the only thing missing was some straw to chew on!)

Sylvia, the bride’s mother had already booked our floor-standing wishing tree, so that was already in situ. As a surprise for her daughter she also booked Mark, the chimney sweep. ¬†And a surprise it was! Mark had a great warm and cheering welcome, whilst Sarah looked slightly bewildered as to what was going on … until Mark explained it was all her mother’s fault. Mark enjoyed posing for photos with the bride and groom, and particularly the bridesmaids(!) and lots and lots of guests all wanting a piccie with the “sweep”.
The atmosphere at the wedding was fantastic – it was a real pleasure being there. It had a bit of a 60’s feel about it, endorsed by the vintage vehicles used to ferry the bridal party about – a gorgeous 60’s VW Beetle called “Alfie” and “Martina” a 60’s VW Camper Van decked out with vintage suitcases and sunflowers, supplied by Lets Do Weddings.

Sunflowers were the theme for the day, which were absolutely perfect for this informal and relaxed wedding.

Many of the guests had bought their own tents and camping equipment with them and we imagined an all-night party lay ahead – just wish we could have stayed even though our impromptu invite was extremely tempting! If there was ever a wedding we would want to be at, it was this one.

Let’s all wish Andy and Sarah lots of happiness and success in their future together as man and wife. Hip, hip ….

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